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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 10, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PST

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>> israel launching strikes against syria after saying an iranian drone crossed into the border region into the northern part of israel. we're live in jerusalem. plus, president trump sending out tweets on everything from the democratic fisa memo to the #metoo movement. we'll go live to the white house. >> and a closer look at the recent wave of white house resignation is and how the trump administration is handling those allegations of abuse. busy, busy saturday. the president up tweeting. welcome to america's news
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headquarters in washington. i'm leland vittert. >> ebony kay williams joining us. >> welcome to d.c. >> absolutely. and israel is carrying out a large scale attack on israel targets and live with much more on what led to the attack. david. >> israel says that iran is playing with fire after an iranian, unmanned drone, they say, infiltrated israeli air space. israel retaliated which led to one of its aircraft being downed. now, all of this began in the pre-dawn hours when israel says an iranian surveillance drone crossed the northern border with syria. israel accuses establishing military in syria to support the regime of assad. the drone was up for about a
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minute when they say it was shot down by a helicopter. the syrian military claims the drone was being used to gather intelligence on isis. hours later, israel struck back, israelis officials say during a series of air raids targeting the mobile launcher and other iranian and syrian defense batteries, it encounted massive fire. and it landed on the israeli side of the border, but not before the pilots ejected, one seriously wounded. they're not saying if it was shot down or had a mechanical failure. the last time an israeli aircraft was shot down during enemy fire was 1982 in the firts lebanon war. israel responded with air strikes. syria accuses israel of a terrorist act and syria accuses iran and israel of violating its
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sovereignty. russia is calling for the two sides to deescalate the conflict. the russia foreign ministry says we urge all parties to exercise restraint to avoid any action that could lead to a greater complication of the situation. the russian military has troops in syria helping to provide military assistance to the regime of bashar al-assad. and underscoring how tense the period is, the main airport suspended all operations, there was concern if the situation did escalate, there could be a rocket attack coming from the north that could potentially target the area surrounding the airport. the airport is now, by the way, operating as usual, but the situation continues to be tense. >> completely dire. thank you, david. coming up later in the show.
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walid phares, fox news national security aforeign affairs analyst will weigh in on that topic. >> so far haven't heard about the president yet, but the white house says the democratic memo sent to him by the house intelligence committee needs to be revised before it can be released and democrats, well, they're calling foul this weekend. molly heninberg at the white house as the president spent much of the time tweeting. >> hi, leland. the president telling democrats that their memo was written in such a way that would force the white house, force him to prevent its release. the president tweeting this morning, saying, quote, the democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew because of sources and methods and more, would of to be heavily redacted and they would blame the white house for lack of transparency and told to redo in form. this is the democrat's version why the secret fisa court allowed the fbi to spy on former
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trump campaign advisor carter page. republicans say the bulk of the evidence used to convince the fisa court was political opposition research, ultimately funded by the democrat national committee and the hillary clinton campaign. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee, congressman adam schiff, who wrote the memo in question today has long disputed that the obama justice department and the fbi tried to conceal or minimize the role of the opposition research and has pressed for the democrats memo to be released. as the republicans memo was. congressman schiff said in a statement yesterday. after promising to treat the democratic response in precisely the same way, the white house seeks to have the democratic memo sent back to committee and revised by the same majority that produced the flawed nunes document to begin with. congressman devin nunes is the republican chairman of the house committee. and the president's white house lawyer says that the president is inclined to declassify the
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democrats' memo, but he can't because of sensitive passages in it. >> molly heninberg at the white house. we'll be back to you if you we hear about the strikes. >> the second member of the trump administration has resigned following allegations of domestic abuse. alison barber is here with the latest. >> good morning to you. president trump is on twitter this morning seemingly addressing the domestic violence allegations that are against two of his now former staffers writing, quote, people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. some are true and some are false. some are old, some are new. there's no recovery for someone falsely accused. life and career are gone. is there no such thing any longer than due process? in less than a week, two at the white house have been accused of domestic abuse and the question
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is who knew what and when. and david sorenson's ex-wife told "the washington post" he was physically and verbally abusive during their marriage. at one point, she claims he ran over her foot with a car. and he denies this, the white house says he resigned on friday. and two days before rob porter resigned after two ex-wives accused him of domestic abruce. one had some photos after a trip to italy where he punched her in the eye. he says that's false. and reportedly a year ago, the white house counsel don mcgann learned that his ex-wives planned to make allegations that could threaten his security clearancements he did a good job at the white house and hope he
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has a wonderful career and hopefully he has a wonderful career ahead of him because he's innocent and i think you have to remember that. >> a number of democrats criticized his response for not mentioning the women. >> the process here failed. i don't know where who, where the buck stops on the process, but clearly, one year into this administration, for people, whether it's one, meaning rob porter or multiple, that do not have security clearances, this has to be cleaned up and it has to be cleaned up immediately. >> there were reports about kelly perhaps leaving his job. the white house says he has not offered his resignation. >> incredible. as least we know this so far out of these domestic violence allegations. >> with that we'll bring out ted harvey chairman of the committee to defend the president. as always, just heard david bossie, he's been known to
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defend the president as well at times and all the time. do you agree with him that this needs to get cleaned up, that there's a problem here? >> well, i think there definitely needs to be some investigation into how these people were brought into the white house without any security clearance after looking into these abuses, or alleged abuses. >> come on. >> normally you couldn't get that security clearance. >> the white house knew more than a year ago about these allegations against porter and we know back in november, the fbi really had a full picture of this, people inside the white house had a full picture of it and seemed to, did not think it was that big of a deal or not worth dealing with. >> well, obviously, the fbi needs to be looking into this and if they have, then we need to know what the situation was. i think that there needs to be always transparency when it comes to these kind of things and if there is alleged abuse we need to investigate it. obviously the fbi has been looking into it. >> obviously, they have, they
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came to mcgann the white house counsel and said there are serious issues and mcgann punted on it as it appears john kelly did as well. does that bother you? should that bother the president? >> well, i don't know what the situation was. i think that kelly is one of the most respected american citizens that we have. he's a four-star general. i think that we need to give him the benefit of the doubt to what the investigation is that they're being looking into. we don't have all the information so i think that transparency is important. >> ted, i appreciate the platitudes, but let's get real here. >> they're not platitudes, i don't know what the situation is and neither do you, that's why i want to have transparency. >> what happened and what's been reported and what we just heard from alison, does it bother you or not? >> that they're having due process? it doesn't bother me that we're having due process. >> due process happens in a court of law. this isn't about due process,
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due process happens in a court of law. does the fact that they're out there right now bother you or not? >> that there are accusations of abuse, yes, that bothers me and i think there needs to be an investigation, i think that's what the president said. >> does it bother you for month, seniors members of the trump administration. >> have been interesting. >> that they knew about it for months and allowed rob porter to stay on. >> they've known about it for investigating it for months. >> it doesn't long, the daily mail did this in a week. >>, but the individual deserves to have due process and that's what the president said and i agree with what the president says, he does deserve due process. >> and what exactly does due process mean, that's something handle by a court. from now on if somebody is fired from the white house they need to go to court? >> they need to have an investigation to see if the allegations are a legitimate
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allegations and if the denial is legitimate denial. you don't fire somebody because they had an accusation put against them you look into what the accusation is. >> it doesn't bother you that the fbi-- >> that's what reporting is. >> it doesn't bother you that it took a year. >> to investigate it? i'm not saying the fbi didn't do their job investigating it, i haven't been a part of it and neither have you, that's why i want transparency on it. >> so far you have no-- just so we're clear, the fact pattern has been laid out so far, you have no problem, you have the vice-president saying that the white house admitted they could have handled this better and you say you got no issue? >> i have no idea what the white house has done in the past over this issue, i just know that the investigation has been going on, and there needs to be due process to see whether the allegations were legitimate or whether the denial was did he legitimate. >> let me finish with this, if someone was accused of being
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violent with your daughter or your niece and the then the person's boss on the way out after the person had quote, unquote resigned, said we wish him well, would that sit well with you? >> again, there needs to be due process to see what the situation is. >> so, you'd have no problem if the guy's boss wished him well. >> the individual is denying that it happened, so, you and i don't know what the fbi has investigated, what the results of that investigation have been. >> well. >> so i can't say one way or the other and neither can you. >> no, we can't say one way or the other. we can say what the evidence is, and conceivably if the fbi exonerated him, he would still have a job. that's for another time. ted harvey, thank you for making the time and trek in a snowy denver. >> thank you. >> talk to you soon, my friend. >> immigration reform still on
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the table in congress, but some in congress say the budget deal leaves them not much leverage in protecti protecting. let's back up. since the beginning of this president's administration, the democrats have been insisting there will be no agreeing to spending bill absent some agreement, some by partisan agreement what to do with the children brought illegally to this country. i look at bill and don't see anything about daca, is this the caving of the democratic party on their issue? >> no, absolutely not. first of all, as you know, democratic leadership in the senate received a commitment from leader mcconnell that we would turn to immigration in the senate next week. in fact, that's happening, i think, you're aware of the process, it's going to be a show bill, a bipartisan group of democrats and republicans are
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working an as we speak to find a process to 60 votes. you're going to see amendments from the far left and far right a frank and candid debate. the exact debate we should have been having a long time ago how to reform immigration. the republicans killed reform that would have addressed the issue and in 2014 they passed a bill with bipartisan support that paul ryan refused to take up. >> and to get action on daca, here is yet another opportunity and again, it looks like the democrats were unable to get anything other than, as you say, a promise to have a conversation further down the road. let's talk about political consequences with numbers. you have 73 democratic sitting congressmen and women who voted yes on this spending bill that had nothing around these daca recipients. do they have political consequences come reelection?
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>> it's a fair question, i think the democrats are looking for republicans to follow through on the issue. i've got to ask you this question, why on earth won't speaker ryan won't commit to at least bringing a bill to the floor? not to pass a bill, just to bring an immigration bill to the floor of the house with an open, fair and transparent process? i don't understand why he simply won't agree. >> and i'll flip it back. nancy pelosi talks eight hours talking aggressively and passionately about this issue and chuck schumer as far as the shutdown at some point. and again, raking home this issue as a top priority issue for the democratic party issue. when it hits the fan, david, 73 in the house voting in favor of this, it almost looked like they were talking out of two sides of their mouth in terms of the voting and rhetoric, what say you? >> governing is hard choices and in this instance, what nancy pelosi and her caucus had to decide was whether or not they would vote to stabilize the government for the next two years to ensure that the
9:17 am
children's health insurance program would be extended through to 2022, i believe, to ensure that we could fully fund important programs for the middle class. we've been careening from crisis to crisis to crisis because the republicans in the senate and the white house refused to a, compromise with us or b, work with us on responsible funding. >> and let me ask it a different way. let's say i'm a republican and i want to talk about what incentives do the republicans have at this point to move forward on daca when they know they can get buy in from the democrats without it. >> aside from basic decency? this is a moral question as well as a policy question. why on earth would we as people who work in congress not want to address this issue? and keep in mind, this-- >> david, david, how often does the moral win out in washington? >> this conflict was started with the president when he said he would unilaterally refuse to protect dreamers after the march dead lip. this is again, a self-imposed
9:18 am
crisis by the republican party. >> last question, the daca agreement expires at march 5th, deportation will be imminent. what can the dems do to make good on their promise for their constituents. >> watch for the senate to pass a bill that fully addresses this issue and i think it's on paul ryan to bring this bill to the floor of the house. if there's a bipartisan bill-- it's not paul ryan's issue, it's nancy pelosi's issue and chuck schumer's issue. >> that's a way to ignore there are two chambers. if the democrats and republicans vote for comprehensive reform, paul ryan needs to bring it to the floor. >> coming up we'll talk to mike kelly about the budget deal and chris wallace sits down by omb director mill mulvaney on fox news sunday. check times for listings and channels. and talk to former trump campaign manager cory lewandowski about the two white
9:19 am
house staffers who have resigned over abuse allegations. >> coming up, winter olympic in full swing in south korea. it was a chilling night in the opening ceremonies, especially in the stands, kim jong-un's little sister, circled on the left, sat near vice-president mike pence. so what happened in that box. plus, more words of hate in court from an illegal aliens found guilty of murdering two sheriff's deputies. we'll tell you what he said and how much leeway will president trump supporters give him to make a deal on daca? >> a number of people that barack obama encouraged to come in illegally, but ultimately that we wanted to address, president trump wanted to address, but it's got to be done right.
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>> had a rainy saturday here in washington d.c. president trump inside the white house we're told working this saturday. he's expected to roll out his infrastructure plan on monday. the announcement commenting on the heels of the bipartisan budget deal in congress which the president weighed in friday. this is what he tweeted. costs on nonmilitary lines will never come down if we do not elect more republicans in the 2018 election and beyond. this bill, referring to the
9:24 am
spending bill, is a big victory for our military and much waste in order to get dem votes, unfortunately daca not included in this bill and negotiations to start now and that's where we start with west palm beach radio host brian mudd. 1290 on your a.m. dial as you cruise around southeast florida. >> i'll try not to rub in that it's 80 and sunny right now. leland: well, you just did. so nice try. >> sorry whoops. leland: you look at this tweet from the president, it's clear he's saying, look, we had to give up a lot as republicans, to get this deal through congress. and even some conservative republicans didn't go along with it. how much leeway does he get when it comes to daca to make a deal with democrats? >> i don't think he has to give too much ground. i'll give you the reason why. i think the secret is in the state of the union address. you're probably aware that an aggregate of polling, when you
9:25 am
take a look at top three issues and the way they resonated with voters. number one was infrastructure, we hear there's going to be a rollout. number two happened to be immigration and the president's version of immigration as he laid out. number three, by the way, incidentally, was military and defense and we saw that he got what he wanted in the budget deal on that. so he takes that off the table. leland: brian, you and i both know that hard line trump supporters view any deal on daca as nothing short of amnesty, especially some of the proposals floated. >> 80% of in favor of a daca solution. when you look at the hardest core supporters, the numbers go down on the right and they view any path towards citizenship as amnesty. however, i believe if the wall is included, ultimately you'll find the base able to make its
9:26 am
peace with potentially the 12-year path to citizenship that the president proposed. >> that's the proposal i'm hearing from you and i've heard from other talk radio hosts, this idea of wall, wall versus citizenship, fair bargain. fox and friends earlier had a young, quote, unquote, dreamer as they're called on their show. this is what he had to say, take a listen. >> you're looking at a president that's all about results and it's all about-- at the end of the day he needs to meet democrats in the middle and he's bringing this pathway to citizenship so that we can actually finally get something done, immigration reform. in terms of legislation you're probably, possibly looking at one of the greatest presidents to get things done. look at the tax cuts. he got that done. leland: your thoughts? >> yeah, i mean, i think he's on target. i think the president watches the polls like any politicians and i think he's more pragmatic and thought out than a lot of people do. if you go back three years ago,
9:27 am
and tackle the top issues by voter, health care reform number one, taxes number two, and supreme court vacancy. the easier win was the supreme court vacancy and put that up first and it was more challenging the rest of the way and ended up getting tax reform passed and kind of the like the bonus and health care reform with the individual mandate, at least being eliminated and i think we're looking at a similar situation. he has the upper hand and has momentum and just got a win on the number three issue he was looking for and i think that the march 5th deadline on daca will force the hand of this debate so he can pursue infrastructure as well. leland: it's certainly going to force somebody's hand, whether it forces the president's hand on the congress's hand has yet to be seen. lastly, how big is the issue of daca to the hispanic community in south florida. >> it is. leland: and some went for president trump. do they give him leeway on this or is this something that the
9:28 am
democrats can peel off a little support on? >> no question, it is a hot button issue. it's definitely a bigger issue here than it is elsewhere. one. things that's often about south florida, people take a look at polls and data in terms of hispanic. hispanic means 30 different things in south florida. cubans think different than venezuelans and other south american countries and it's unique to individual people. i think that you see daca is incredibly important because virtually everybody knows somebody in south florida that ultimately would be impacted by whatever the decision is here. leland: well, as they say, all politics are local. nowhere is that more true than where you are. we look forward to your thoughts on the radio and the interwebs beyond. good talking to you, my friend. >> always, good to be back with you. leland: enjoy the sunshine. eboni. eboni: the latest on the olympics out of pyeongchang and the current medal county.
9:29 am
while the athletes go for the gold, the scene is set for major diplomacy on the korean peninsula. greg palkot is standing by for a live report in seoul. >> i'm greg palkot in seoul, south korea where we're looking at a possible diplomatic breakthrough which might not make washington too happy. that's the story coming up. (announcer) dance to your own beat this valentine's day.
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purchase $699 or more at helzberg diamonds and get a free megablast waterproof speaker with built-in amazon alexa. a $339.98 value. the pyeongchang winter olympics are now in full swing. so far norway and netherlands are tied with four medals each and the countries that have won medals are vast and quickly change as the olympics continue. go team usa. it's taking place well within the range of north korean artillery and just feet from
9:34 am
north korean dictator's sister is mike pence. our greg pat palkot is in seoul, south korea. we understand that there's a breakthrough on the diplomatic front. >> a bit of a breakthrough away from the olympic sporting action here in seoul, south korea. the influential sister of north korean leader kim jong-un meeting on saturday with president moon, inviting him to pyongyang for a summit as soon as possible. if that would happen it's the highest ranking meeting between the two countries. moon was generally positive, but conditions would have to allow it. vice-president pence is in south korea or has been for the games and politicking, he wasn't so positive only said that the united states and south korean remain committed to the denuclearization. and pence and moon watching a
9:35 am
skating event at the site and moon played both sides of the political divide with the north koreans, watching the joint women's korean hockey team. got to play both sides at dmz. eboni: i understand that you got to go to the games yourself today. how was that? >> absolutely. cameraman mel james and i went over to pyeongchang and took in the action. there was, obviously, a lot of focus on sports, but also, a little bit on politics. take a look at what we saw and what we heard. >> the flags flying briskly here at the entrance to the olympic park at pyeongchang, south korea, a symbol the international nature of the game. this year a little bit of a political overtone. the flag of south korea on one side, the flag of north korea on the other and in the middle the flag of the united states. power politics on a sports stage, maybe, with a happy ending. >> i think it's an okay thing.
9:36 am
that's sort of the basis behind the olympics is that it brings everybody together. >> it was a real sort of emotional thing to see the two koreas come out together, a lot of tension and it was diffused and it was a beautiful, beautiful night. >> better that they're working together than against each other. >> by the way, that first lady we spoke with actually won a medal at the winter olympics in lake placid in the 1980 and as i vaguely recall, politics was a deal that time between the u.s. and then soviet union. the more things change the more they stay the same. eboni: the little thing cold the cold war. thank you, greg. later in the show we'll take a closer look how the olympics are indeed affecting tensions on the korean peninsula. leland: and a fox news alert. the israelis now saying that today's attack on syrian air defenses were the most significant strikes by the
9:37 am
israeli air force since 1982. already saturday night in israel as this is coming out. those strikes came during a tit for tat as a drone flew from syria into israel. walid phares, foreign policy analyst joins us now. we've got an iranian drone flying into israeli air space. we've got israeli air space the israeli jet crashed and we've got massive israeli military strikes now. are we going to have a war? >> it is a war already and it has to be stopped and the reason is that the iranians are taking the lead. the russians are very nervous about that, they have an understanding with the israelis undeclared that the rushes russians, they operate in the north and israel in the south. and sending drones over israel, the first time for years the iranians would dare do this and i have a potential explanation.
9:38 am
the border between iraq is syria is now open. there's a highway between iran, iraq, and-- >> just so our viewers know, this is video from where the military jet f-16 crashed on the way back from a strike inside syria. and both pilots ejected. both are expected to lead, one is seriously hurt. as we talked, the israelis are overlooking syria and holding iran responsible? >> because the regime is so small in size in terms of land, you have the russians backing that regime or the iranians controlling most of the area of the regime controlled. so, yes, the israelis are talking to the iranians and telling them, if you continue, we're going to strike against your own forces in syria. >> hezbollah, the iranian backed mult militant group, saying this now changes their calculus. what does that mean? is it an empty threat or one the
9:39 am
israelis should take seriously? >> no, definitely seriously. hezbollah can go over the southern border of lebanon. it's not on hezbollah, it depends what is the iranian plan. why are they so active now? what are they protecting in syria? some experts are saying there's a possibility, leland, iranians are thinking of moving missiles to syria and tell the israelis, you cannot hit those missiles. leland: telling the israelis you can't hit something hasn't worked in the past. israel has shown a willingness and publicly said if there is game-changing weaponry moving into syria we're going to hit it and they've done it in the past, would they do again? >> the iranians are now able to bring the missiles across the land into syria. it didn't happen before. and now you have the iranians bringing in those weapons and
9:40 am
you have the russians with their own missile and that's a lot of food for thought for israel and their allies, the united states. leland: and clearly the israelis did not hesitate today, responding strongly. with those air defenses, that sets up not a good and combustable situation. walid, thank you very much. more on this later in the show. eboni: ahead, remembering john gavin, ambassador to mexico under president ronald reagan. and before that he was a hollywood actor best known for one iconic movie. ♪ high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. but through goodt times and bad at t. rowe price
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(screams). ♪ >> that iconic climax of alfred hitchcock's psycho, wrestling anthony perkins for the knife is gavin. he starred in hollywood movies from the late 1950's and '60s, "imitation of life" with lana turner and "thoroughly modern millie" with julie andrews. he left acting to be a politics leader and business leader. ambassador to mexico in the 1980's thanks to his longstanding friendship with ronald reagan. john gavin was 86 years old. ♪
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>> prosecutors in northern california now saying they will seek the death penalty for a convicted cop killer who we now know was living in the united states illegally. this is certainly become a political lightning rod of a story. fox's will carr live in los angeles with both the case and the political fallout. hi, will. >> leland, the self-confessed cop killer in this case has been spotlighted by the trump administration, another example that shows why there need to be a serious crackdown on illegal immigration according to president trump. he illegally crossed into the united states numerous times, was convicted on friday of killing two california deputies and in court he was seen blowing kisses and smiling at the victims' family. he shot and killed them back in 2014. he's shown zero remorse. in fact, his demeanor in court, the exact opposite and he even pledged to kill more members of law enforcement as he's being escorted out of the room.
9:47 am
take a listen. >> we find the defendant guilty. -- >> kill more cops. >> i'm going to kill more cops soon, he said. he was convicted of attempted murder and carjacking. his attorneys say he suffers from mental illness and was on meth when the killed the officers, in the end the jury wasn't buying that as a legitimate excuse. hes' now facing the death penalty. >> there's really no joy, it's more of, i think, a quiet satisfaction. >> that's illegal immigrant charged with murdering two police officers. (blee (bleep). >> it's pure evil. >> president trump's election ad aired that and accusing democrats in being complicit of attacks on police officer by illegal immigrants. a characterization that democrats strongly disagree
9:48 am
with. leland: the debate will continue as the daca debate heats up in washington. will, thank you, eboni. eboni: thank you. when we come back, two members of isis believed to be responsible for the beheading of american journalist james foley have been captured. a message from the mother of the victim coming up. when i received the diagnosis, i knew at that exact moment, whatever it takes, wherever i have to go...i'm beating this. my main focus was to find a team of doctors that work together. when a patient comes to ctca, they're meeting a team of physicians that specialize in the management of cancer. breast cancer treatment is continuing to evolve. and i would say that ctca is definitely on the cusp of those changes. patients can be overwhelmed ... we really focus on taking the time with each individual patient so they can choose the treatment appropriate for them. the care that ctca brings is the kind of care i've wanted for my patients. being able to spend time with them, have a whole team to look after them is fantastic.
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♪ >> heading back to pyeongchang as the athletes compete in the winter olympics held this year in south korea. south korea's president meeting with a delegation from north korea. this sounds hopeful. this is as vice-president pence leaves south korea to head back to the u.s. bruce, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. eboni: this looks good. this looks like north and south korea marching under a unified flag and i think many americans and people around the world are feeling hopeful, but break this down and tell us what if anything this really means. >> we can be hopeful, but we've seen this story before. the 2000 sydney olympics was similar. they came in behind a unified flag, a single team although they competed under their own national flag. that was six months after the first historic korean summit.
9:53 am
there was hope and unification and came to naught because north korea continued the quest for nuclear missiles and belligerent policy. eboni: to that point, many people looking at the unified effort in south korea feeling some kind of way hopeful and optimistic. to your point, the day before, the opening ceremony, north korea had their annual military parade where boasting and bragging about the nuclear threat so capable, it could wipe out the u.s. mainland. >> there's a two-part message there. eboni: is it fair to call them a bit two-faced, bruce? >> exactly. the february parade had icbm's and missiles. we're the ferocious tiger and we can be a cute and cuddly kitten and participate in the olympics and perhaps go down an engagement path causing strains in the relationship with the
9:54 am
united states. eboni: from your experience, bruce, between the tiger-kitten analogy, which is north korea? >> it's the tiger, not only a threat to the neighbors and increasingly to the united states homeland, but also to its own people and one thing that we forget the u.n. commission of inquiry said there were crimes so heinous. and the international community shunned south african from participating in the olympics for apart-- apartheid, but with north korea we're encouraging them. eboni: it almost seems to be south korea's opticly, participating. and you see kim jong-un's sister
9:55 am
had been sanctioned. >> south korea reacted quickly and positively to the north korean speech. they extended an olive branch and south korea quickly grabbed it because they were afraid there might be provocation during the olympics. and they expected, asked for the postponement of a joint u.s. military exercise with the south and now that thehe's extended a invitation for a summit, we'll see if he further postpones those. eboni: and looking at north korea's nuclear ability, do you think that would have a reckoning or a changed effect on them with that nuclear threat. >> we can't accept them.
9:56 am
it underlines the treaty and we need to remain vigilant against the threat, but we don't need to do a preventive attack which would be provocative. very provocative indeed. thank you for joining us with that. leland: in exhour of america's news headquarter. look at the latest on the tit-for-tat with israel. ap there you see the retaliation. so you have type 2 diabetes? yes i do. true or false... type 2 diabetes more than doubles your chance of dying from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or a stroke. that can't be true, can it? actually, it is true. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. in fact, cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death for adults with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
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busy saturday, here and around the globe. we're not used to working such busy weekends. we're glad to have you with us, second hours of america's new headquarters from washington. isi'm leland vittert. >> here's what's making news right now. president trump blames democrats for his decision to delay the release of their memo, pushing back against claims on the gop side of the memo. we're live at the white house with more. >> leland: world reaction comes in as israel carries out strikes against syria. in the midwest they're dealing with a deadly snowstorm. it dumped several inches of snow
10:01 am
in major cities, shutting down highways and airports. president trump said the democratic memo needs to be revised before it can be made public. hollwe have the latest from the white house. >> reporter: president trump says democrats wrote the memo in a way that they knew it would not pass the national security test. in a tweet this morning, president trump said, quote, the democrats sent a plight canned and long response memo which they knew because of sources and med nods and more would have ofo be heavily redacted. told them to re-do and send back improper pounds. the republican's memo said the fbi got the okay from the secret fisa court to spy on former trump campaign adviser, carter page, based largely on evidence from an dossier that was paid
10:02 am
for by the democratic national committee and the hillary clinton campaign. chuck schumer said in a statement, quote, the president's double standard when it comes to transparency is appalling. the nunes memo could show information that is harmful to him. millions of americans are asking one simple question, what is he hiding. nancy pelosi said the president's decision to block the democratic memo from release is part of a pattern certai of p on the part of the president. devin nunes is urging his democratic counterpart, adam schiff, to make the necessary changes and redactions to the democrat's memo, quote, so that no sources and methods are disclosed and their memo can be declassified as soon as possible.
10:03 am
ebony. >> eboni: something tells me we've not heard the end of the memo issue just yet. thank you for the updates. >> leland: more on that in just a minute. meantime, president trump also tweeting today, according to the new york times, a russian sold phony secrets on trump to the u.s., asking price was $10 million, brought down to $1 million to be paid over time. i hope people are seeing and understand whack is going on understanding what is going on here. it is starting to come out. drain the swamp. we ro robert degrees coul is heo discuss this. there's a little bit more to this story than just dirtiy cresysecrets on president trump. >> the story the times had appears to be that a russian agent or somebody was trying to sell nsa computer codes and
10:04 am
things that hacked back to the government and wanted to include negative information on trump. it's unclear from the story and it looks like the government officials deny they wanted any part of that kind of information and eventually this guy was determined to be scarless. he got away with $100,000. >> leland: that's not a bad day's work, no matter what you're selling, if you're not selling anything especially. reason act to say threasonable s are trying to play us throughout this. president trump is trying to ex extrapolate this out to this is proof of the organizations, like the doj, there are people if not actively out to get him, certainly looking through the most difficult lens towards him. you worked in the doj for a long time. is it fair to have that criticism? >> i think with rank and file people it's not. i think most people that work in agencies want to do the right thing. the higher up you get, i think
10:05 am
people -- a lot of people are careerists and they want promotions and they look ahead as to who might win elections and try to tie their stars to those people. it's not crazy to think that people are influen influenced by politics at some level. the hope is people have professionalism to do their jobs, first and foremost. >> leland: something that rarely happens on capitol hill as we shift back to memo-gate, or the dueling memos, are all memos created equal. >> i think at the end of the day, when it comes out, it will essentially be two. i don't think the basic facts will be disputed as to what happened. it will just be conflicting spend. i think this -- democratic memo is longer and apparently we don't know, fbi, doj are concerned about sources and methods being disclosed in the memo. who knows?
10:06 am
there's a bit of hip pock hi hyh way. the republicans are referring to doj and the fbi on the democratic memo. >> leland: you see more fairness and tran transparency from the republicans than from the democrats? >> i think the republicans in congress at least treated both of the memos the same. they were circulated to everybody, given to the agencies to vet and will be released. the president disregarded the doj and fbi advice with regard to the republican memo and are looking for their advice with regard to the democratic memo. attend of the day, i think the redactions probably won't be that significant for most of us. when we saw the republican memo, whether it's persuasive or not, most people that read that didn't see that as a grave threat to national security in terms of the type of information
10:07 am
disclosed. if similar types of information were disclosed by the democrats, it will be fine and it will be the food fight it is. >> leland: you make a good point. these highly partisan accusations by the republicans in their memo and we can expect highly partisan accusations by the democrats in their memo. >> i think the whole issue is somewhat of a side show. it's of great interest for people like me that work in the department. the fisa process is a big deal. it raises grave constitutional issues that senator rand paul and others have been all over. that's all ver very exciting. it has little to almost nothing to do with the mueller investigation. with respect to possible doj misconduct, i think the i.g. investigation at doj, when that comes out, that's going to be the kind of big news on that front. i think this issue of the memo kind of collaterally touches upon those issues but i think the real issue is going to be the i.g. report and then obviously the mueller findings.
10:08 am
>> leland: that's where we're getting the texts from peter strzok is the i.g.'s report. the i.g. has more teeth when it comes to how they deal with this. bob, always great to have you. thanks so much for coming in. >> great to be here. >> eboni: a new congressional budget deal was signed by from y president trump yesterday. mike kelly did vote for the bill. thank you for joining us, congressman. >> thanks for having me on. >> eboni: let's start with this, having a strong american military is an important priority and the bill that you voted for and most people did in the house and senate is absolutely wonderful for our military. it gives them an increase of $80 billion for 2018 and $85 billion for 2019. that's i think great. >> correct. >> eboni: let's go to the other side of that. pardon me as i invoke the concerns of senator rand paul who talked about how this is not
10:09 am
a fiscally conservative bill. this is a spend heavy piece of legislation here. as a republican, what is your rebuttal to that accusation acc? >> i think it's good for the sense for to explain that. you're not given a choice between two different things. you're given a choice between the piece of legislation that's in front of you at the time. i think the military has been so underfunded. when our sorches an sons and dan uniform are willing to put their lives on the line, they shouldn't be used as a bargaining chip. our first responsible is to protect our citizens. our sons and daughters defend us every day. all they ask for is to be treat inned the way they should. under the budget control act in 2011, we really have cut them in such a way that they're far, far behind. one half of the navy aircraft can't be flown. we have the smallest airports we've ever had in our history.
10:10 am
we don'when we don't have mullly readiness in place. peoplwe're not funding these ths at the right level. all these other issues come in. i'm fine with that. the bill we had to vote on was are we going to fully fund our military. our president was very clear. >> eboni: congressman, you need to convince me no further. i'm with you on the importance of the military spending. but we both know that this was not just a military spend heavy bill. there was also billions, a lot of money, big money in other areas and the president, as we can refer to his tweet, says specifically, he lays that blame at the door of the dems said he had to include all these other dollars to make them happy because it there weren't enough republicans to pass it without them. when you look at the numbers, there are numbers-wise enough republicans in the house and
10:11 am
senate to pass the legislation without a single dame ebbing dec vote. it's the freedom caucus and other republicans holding out on voting for the legislation that becomes an issue. when the president says to avoid this kind of thing in the future, we need more democrats in the house and the senate in the mid-terms, let's put that tweet up there so people can see it, it will certainly be a certain kind of republican, right, congressman kelly, that needs to be in the house. because not all republicans will go in on the president's agenda. >> not everyone will go on the president's agenda. i think everybody goes in on being fiscally responsible. the president said he needs more republicans, more people to be fiscally responsible. this whole process is bipartisan, in order to get one thing you have to give it another. our main concern, my main concern and most of the folks that voted for this was making sure we fully funded our military. general mattis was very clear on the effects of what was going on. this requires working on both
10:12 am
sides. >> eboni: absolutely, no doubt. you're right about that. i want to wrap. i want to finalize it with this. you yourself, congressman, are a small business owner. i love that you take it very seriously in your elected office to be what i call a good steward of the american taxpayer dollars and i think that's exactly why people put our congressmen and women into office. do you think that this bill is being a good steward of the american taxpayer dollar? >> i think what this bill does was directed at our immediate neats needneeds going forward. we have to look at -- keep in mind, two-thirds of our budget under law has got to be spent. you can't touch it at all. it's mandatory. we have to take a look at what we can do with programs that may have outgrown what they were designed to do in the beginning. that will take a complete troopeturndoctors aroundturnaro. we have to figure out where to get the money to do this. the answer is hard-working
10:13 am
american taxpayers. >> eboni: thathank you for joing us. tune in tomorrow for our show at 1:00 p.m. eastern. we'll talk to a congressman about his thoughts about the budget deal and the daca deadline. we'll have an interview with jim jordan as well. check out your local listing for time and channel on that. maria bart lothis is all comingw at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> leland: 1:13 eastern time, 8:15 in israel, as we wait to hear from the israeli prime minister. this coming of course after syrian anti-aircraft missiles brought down an is israeli f-1. the day started with an iranian drone flying into israel from
10:14 am
syria. david lee miller is live in jerusalem. we'll start at the beginning. what more do we know about this drone? >> reporter: let me give you a little sense of the chronology here. this incident happened about 4:00 a.m. local time. that's when an iranian drone, the israelis say, crossed the northern border from syria. they say it was a surveillance drone. it infiltrated israeli air space for about one minute before a helicopter shot it out of the sky. israel released video that it says shows the incident. iran is accused of, quoting now, playing with fire. the spokesman says the drone was recovered and there is no doubt that it is iranian. iran would not confirm the israeli claim and a spokesman called it, quoting now, ridiculous. syria says the drone was being used to combat isis.
10:15 am
israel has, as you know, in the past shot down drones that crossed the border from syria but this is the first time, leland, that it has resulted in such retaliation. we are now, as you mentioned, waiting to hear from the israeli prime minister. israel has already said it is going to go to the security counsel and ask for the council to condemn what it see as this iranian provocation. >> leland: not the first time the israelis have hit targets inside syria when they thought the iranians were moving weapons around. the first time, though, that israel has ever lost a fighter jet in the process. take us through that. >> reporter: that's right, leland. we know that an f-16 was downed during what essentially was a series of air strikes that took place in syria. apparently this was in retaliation for the drone entering israeli air space,
10:16 am
hours after the drone infiltrated israel targeted the drone's mobile launcher as well as air defense batteries. local media reported that also hit were syrian radar facilities. israel said many of its aircraft met with what they describe asthmas i've anti-aircraft fire. one of the aircraft, an f-16, crash-landed on the israel side of the border. the two pilots were ejected. one of them was seriously wounded. this appears to be the first time that an israeli aircraft was shot down since 1982 during the first lebanon war. syrian officials are claiming that its air defense batteries hit other israeli aircraft and as you might expect, tensions tonight extremely high. russia, which has troops in syria, is calling for the two sides to dedashe de- escalate e situation. nerves are very much frayed
10:17 am
right now. >> leland: the population is waiting to hear from their prime minister. back to jerusalem as benjamin neas he speaks.thanks so much. >> eboni: the mother of james foley speaking out about the recent capture of two members of isis who are believed to be responsible for her son's murder. >> i hope there will be a public trial, so that they can be held accountable for their crimes and i would hope detained for the rest of their life. >> eboni: the two terrorists were captured in syria. both were part of a notorious insurgent cell dubbed th the beetles. cominbeetles. >> leland: shchicago is gettinga heavy blanket of snow, shutting down airports as cities across
10:18 am
the midwest are dealing with a major weekend storm. we'll tell you exactly how bad it is. plus, the flu epidemic affecting thousands of americans, now claiming hundreds of lives and crossing new troubling milestones this week. we'll find out if there is any hope in sight any time soon. and will next week bring more wild swings on wall street? this one certainly did. an expert with what you should about your 401-k and how the white house is reacting to all this. >>.>> the president, like the rt of the white house, is concerned about long-term economic indicaters and factors.
10:19 am
10:20 am
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>> eboni: it was a turbulent week on wall street that left the stock market with its steepest weekly slide in two years. the dow ended almost 2,000 points lower than it started on monday, fueling the loss of it is the possibility of the federal reserve increasing consider interest rates. it left a lot of people asking what happened. chris rubin is here to help us figure this out.
10:23 am
chris, this has felt really volatile, it looked volatile for people following what the markets are doing. i want you to break a couple things down. tell us how the market and the stock market specifically is different than the american economy. >> it's definitely a different animal. it is based partly on profits that many companies earn oversea as much as they earn in the united states. it's really a measure of just the publicly traded companies and how profitable they'll be or not. it's a forward-looking gauge. it's a different animal in many ways than the broader economy. >> eboni: so let's kind of put some numbers behind this. we'll pop up a full-screen graphic. we're down people are saying about 10% for this year. when we look at this full screen graphic as to how far up the dow has been, i'm sorry, this is the 10 year, we see it going on the incline as we approach 2018. and now we're going to go to this one-year look to see how
10:24 am
far we -- i mean, my goodness, look at that. that's almost unpress deputied, people saying it's up 40%. to drop down about 10%, put it in context for us, chris. is the drop as mighty as it looks? >> not really. it's historically not that unusual. corrections come along once every year or two, at least. we had an unusual -- what was unusual was the previous period, a very long period of relatively steady growth in the stock market, we're up roughly 50% from the last time there was a 10% drop which was in early 2016. so there's still a big gain there. this was expected from a lot of people that we would finally have a dow downside. >> eboni: is a bit of a correction, when you see that kind of astro no of growth, whie president trump took office the market has been insane in a good way, do you think this correction long-term
10:25 am
connectionly is good? >> it's good for if you're investing in the stock market, if you're younger, if you're saving -- >> eboni: if you can wait it out. >> this is a buying opportunity, perhaps. you have to look when there's this kind drop to he see if there's a signal being sent over like you mentioned interest rates going up and inflation. >> eboni: let's talk about interest rates. higher interest rates means higher mortgage payments, higher car payments, higher credit card bills. will that impact consumer buying? because that's also been up and looked really good. do you think those higher interest rates will make people spend less? >> not necessarily. i mean, we'll see. they could. the mortgage rates are still relatively -- are historically low. >> eboni: they were at year in r a long time. >> mortgages were at 3%, 3.5% which is really low. they're still low now. the other issue is what else is
10:26 am
going on. if people are seeing pay raises, which there's some small signs this is coming along, if the unemployment rate remains low, people can handle slightly higher interest rates. we want things to get higher than where they were after the recession where the fed was at 0%. >> eboni: we'll keep perspective and we won't panic and let things play out. >> that's the idea. >> leland: so far, two people have been killed as a result of a massive winter storm hitting the midwest. video from kalamazoo, michigan, snow piled up, 9 inches in michigan, causing major traffic collisions, over 50 cars slamming into each other on the interstate just outside of kalamazoo. that's the center of the state, roughly. chicago saw over 11 inches of snow yesterday, closing schools, canceling over 1,000 flights at o'hare's international airport. the city's mayor warns that more snow is on the way, though some
10:27 am
in the city say the weather, well, it's kind of welcome. >> this is great. this is fantastic. it's much better than the cold. i much prefer snow so question n play. >> leland: spoken like a true mother it sounds. i'm guessing the video and sound was taken from a sledding hill. so the mom was excited about that. we haven't had any snow in washington. for you, we have lots of rain, eboni. >> eboni: i like the shower i'm getting here. at least two people have been killed as a result of this massive storm hitting the midwest. snow piled up to 9 inches in michigan, causing -- i guess we're dumping that because we already talked about that. >> leland: this sometimes happened. you're used to working during the week where everything happens perfectly. occasionally we get mixed up on the weekends. we're just going to talk about the snow and the rain and now we're going to talk about the statement from the israeli prime
10:28 am
minister. >> eboni: still ahead, we're expecting a statement from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu on israel's strike against targets in syria. the latest developments, what's going on there. and president trump, well, he sends the democratic memo back, saying it needs more work. our panel will weigh in on the call to revise. ♪ return to sender
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> leland: we're told he was speaking in hebrew first and now in english, addressing the violence, the air strike, the downing of an israeli jet. >> this morning iran dispatched an iranian drone into israel. this demonstrates that our warnings were 100% correct. israel holds iran and its syrian host responsible for today's aggression. we will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect our sovereignity and our security. >> leland: that was part of the statement from the israeli prime minister. this coming in from our jerusalem bureau who listened to the statement in hebrew and translated for us. i want to clarify, israel is seeking for peace but we will
10:31 am
continue to defend ourselves against any attack against us and against any attempt by iran to establish military bases in syria or anywhere else. for those of you just joining us, there has been quite a bit of violence this morning in the middle east. it all started this morning, this iranian drone flying into the northern part of israel. the israelis shot it down. they then bombed the base where the drone took off inside syria. one of the israeli jets was shot down and with that came a massive response by the israelis. that all happened early this morning. it is now late saturday night in israel as we hear from the prime minister. >> eboni: certainly, leland, you, somebody who spent significant time in this region, myself having been as well on occasion, i'm not surprised. we've been talking about the bad behavior of iran for a long time and although there's a nuclear deal in place, it receives a tremendous amount of criticism because of just this thing right
10:32 am
here, just this type of action, bad action, per se, from iran, that really doesn't leave a lot to be believed around the good faith intention of the escalating their violent efforts. >> leland: we've seen them try to move into area. the last part of the prime minister's statement that we heard, it seemed as though he was saying we've been vin di vindicated. we've been telling you about this. the israelis said when there's sophisticated weaponry that's brought in, we're going to hit i they've done it before, never with as much force as they've done today. things are now generally quiet. that could change. 8:30 in israel. we'll keep an eye on this throughout the day and night. we have our teams in germ jerszm and available to go north. democratic lawmakers are firing back at president trump's decision not to release what is
10:33 am
called the democratic memo. the white house citing security concerns. this comes a week after president trump released the gop memo on russian interference. let's bring in our fair and balanced political panel, shawn nobel and former epa liaison, dan cannonon. nice to see you as usual. dan, start with you on this. we had bob driscoll earlier from the doj. he said there seems to be more transparency coming from republican congressmen. republican congressmen voted to release the republican memo. democratic congressmen didn't vote to release the republican memo. fair? >> i did see that clip. i don't think that's exactly what the guest was saying. my take is what's very obvious -- >> leland: i think that's exactly what he said. but go ahead. >> my take is that the the
10:34 am
hypocrisy is clear on the part of the president. he's relying privately spoken concerns which are not public for this process, that he did not for the party line memo released by david nunes. i'm less concerned about that. i think that matters to folks, it should matter to all of us at some level. i'm more concerned with the pattern of the president continuing to find ways to put his thumb on the scale of the investigation and obstruct to cover himself or to impugn the motives in any way he's able to. we're eight or nine months away from the next election. we know that the russians interfered with our election process. we know they are trying to again. we have a president that is trying to distract from the problems. that's my big concern. >> leland: shawn, do you view this as a distraction by the president or do you take it at his word that he's happy to declassify the democratic memo,
10:35 am
if they spun like the republican memo? >> the proof will be in the pudding when they take the sensitive information out that they shouldn't have put in there in the first place. they staged this. this is a set-up. he will release the memo. he is a transparent president. he's not putting a thumb on the scale. the fascinating thing to me about this is that the democrats were actively involved, using the previous administration, the institutions of government, to try to influence the outcome of an election. the russians have been trying to do this since the 1960s. the democrats are now, oh, my gosh, the russians are trying to-they've been meddling in american politics for a long time. >> leland: dan, you have a lot you want to react to there. i'll let you do that. i'm going to ask you this question first. do you believe what shawn says? this certainly is a lot better for the democrats to be sort of -- to having to talk about and say that president trump is
10:36 am
holding this memo up. they could have written a memo that was equally vague that didn't have sources and methods in it. staged or not staged? >> we don't -- to be honest, we don't know. i haven't seen the memo. shawn has not seen the memo. we don't know the redactions the president is talking about. we know the president didn't read the first memo. i doubt he read the second memo. we know the doj said about the first memo said it would be reckless to be released this. they haven't said it about the second memo. if there needs to be redactions, get them over there, get it redacted, put it back out there. we have no problem with that. there should be a clear and consistent process on the part of the government and the president. >> leland: you make a point about clear and consistent. seems like there's a clear and consistent process in the house voting to release both memos at least by republicans in the house. the president has made this more about the russia investigation, the mueller investigation than anything else. the president just tweeted this
10:37 am
in the past couple minutes. my view is that not only has trump been vindicated in the last several weeks about the mishandling of the dossier and the lies about the clinton dnc dossier, it shows that he's been victimized. he's been victimized by the obama administration for using all sorts of agencies, not just the fbi and doj, now the state department to dig up dirt on him in the days leading up to the election. comey had conversations with president trump which i don't believe were accurate. he leaked information, parentheses, corrupt. this is the president tweeting what appears to be a quote from tom finton. dan, i'll let you respond first. shawn, you'll get the last word. >> this president is trying every way he can to impugn the motives of career civil servants, republicans, democrats, independent prosecutors because they're investigating him. i would rather he focus on the full report of the government. >> leland: at least we can agree this is certainly evolved.
10:38 am
the democratic talking points of a year ago that there was a dossier and president trump was in the pocket th of the russians and james comey was lilly white, a lot of those have had to change if not been blown out of the water. >> the dossier is one bit of evidence. there is pa papadopoulos speakig to us australian foreign agents. i don't know if president trump or the campaign or anyone in that world colluded with russia. we know that russia meddled with the investigation. i would prefer the administration focus on stopping that. the fact they are not does raise a question about collusion. >> leland: is this a winning strategy for the president or should he shift in tact over to what dan is saying of just attacking the russians outright? >> i think that we have to get this resolved, get the memo resolved. it's kind of a side show. let the mueller investigation take its course and then we -- i think there is evidence that
10:39 am
there's actions going on in the justice department and other places, state department, to make sure the russians are minimized in how they meddle in our elections. remember, they meddled in our politics for decades. they're not going to stop. but we can continue to work to keep them at bay and i think that this administration is doing that. >> leland: certainly as we have heard, even from the cia chief, that they are currently working, the russians, that is, trying to influence the 2018 election. gentlemen, appreciate you both being here. busy news day for sure. we'll talk to you soon. >> thanks, leland. >> glad to be here. >> eboni: coming up, what a newly released autopsy report says about the las vegas gunman and his possible motives. >> we will prepare our men and women in uniform to be not only ready for battle, but to continue to be the strongest and best military in the world. >> eboni: and an absolutely
10:40 am
record-breaking defense budget means more troops, training and equipment. but some say there are pitfalls to writing such a big check. we'll have that debate coming up next. stay with us. the best simple salad ever? heart-healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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10:45 am
need to had on this. >> that's right. the idea of more money, more problems. this budget deal is is a 10% increase in one year. this comes after the budget that was already higher than the peak of the reagan administration in the 1980s. the risk is that congress and military leaders could lose their impetus, their push to keep reforming things within the defense budget and if we don't reform, we're just going to get fatter, not stronger. >> eboni: i think that's the key concern, todd, is the strengthening of the military is ultimately i believe what the president ran on and what people voted for and want to see but not necessarily a bigger checkbook conveys that strength. so when we talk about the allocations, i think we've got six weeks to see exactly how that money will be spent. but long-term reform, what would you like to see by way of that reform? what do you want it to look like?
10:46 am
>> first and foremost, an easy win, although politically difficult, is closing excess bases and facilities. the secretary of defense has come out and said, the military believes they have 19% excess capacity in their bases within the united states. they have to get permission from congress to close the bases. as long as the bases stay open, we're pouring money down the drain, year after year, maintaining the facilities, when the military doesn't need them. that prevents the military from transitioning and rebalancing itself for the types of forces and capabilities we need in the future. >> eboni: staying on the issue of trimming the fat, what else, other than closing bases, what do you think -- where do you stand on the notion many people are hoping comes of this huge check to the defense department which is increasing soldiers and service men and women's pay, do you expect to see some of that? >> we probably will see some of
10:47 am
that. iagain, that's an area where we might be throwing good money after bad money. we have a compensation system and a personnel system that's out of the 1950s. if you look at cash compensation in the military, folks in the military are already making at the 90th percentile level compared to civilian counterparts. a job in the military is not like a civilian job. even with the high level of pay that we have today, the air force, for example, is giving pilots bonuses of up to $455,000 just to stay in the air force. and it's not working. they still have a pilot shortage. so what's going on? there are underlying issues that aren't just about money. it's the personnel system in the military. it's the up or out promotion systems, it's the one size fits all for everyone. we're not focusing on talent management and nurturing the
10:48 am
types of performance and skills that we need in our service members. that's where we need to be reforming. >> eboni: todd harrison, thank you for that. i tend to agree. certainly we want a stronger military as a result of this effort. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> leland: the autopsy report on the las vegas shooter is out but it leaves more questions than answers. we'll tell you what's inside that report. and across the country, flu season showing no sign of letting up. the very latest on how this is progressing across the country and why this strain is so deadly. >> the fever just continued and every four hours, four and-a-half hours we would have to give medicine to bring the fever down. >> i outlived my own daughter. i'm 83 years old and i outlived her and it shouldn't be that way. rom the two trucks over here... i want you to pick a new truck for your mom or dad, knowing that they could possibly
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>> leland: fox news alert from westerville, ohio. that's near columbus, ohio, where one police officer has been killed, another wounded. police say the officers were responding to a 911 hang-up call when they were shot. this information literally just coming in in the past couple of minutes.
10:53 am
so far, no details on the suspect. the city of westerville saying we are deeply saddened to report that one of our officers has been killed in the line of duty. please continue to follow back for more information. we're get ago little bit more information now from our affiliate there in columbus, ohio. it is now two officers that have been killed during this shooting. we're told that the suspect is in custody. again this started with a 911 hang-up call. police responded. two officers shot. and we can now confirm, sadly, per fox affiliate wtte in ohio that two westerville police officers were shot and killed today. more on this story as it becomes available. obviously, we're having our affiliate there in ohio try to see what contacts they have and then we're working our own sources from here in washington and in new york. >> eboni: an update now on the
10:54 am
investigation into the las vegas mass shooter from back in october. the autopsy shows gunman steven a paddock was healthy. authorities say he had anti-anxiety medication in his system but that he was sober at the time of this death. he killed 58 people and injured hundreds of others back in october. >> leland: we've been talking about this for weeks. doctors nationwide have treated a record number of patients sick with the flu. a new government report confirms that not only is the flu widespread, it is also significantly more dangerous than years past. brian yennis live in new york with what you can do to protect your family and also why things are so bad this year. hi, brian. >> reporter: some doctors are saying it is the worst flu season they've seen in decades. the centers for disease control
10:55 am
report out friday said one out of 13 doctor's visits last week was for flu symptoms. this year's flu season is as bad as the swine flu epidemic in 2009 and it's the worst flu we've seen since at least 2003. according to the cdc flu season varies across the country with a few states seeing a moderate level of activity but the majority of the country is seeing an intense level, including new york city, washington, d.c. and puerto rico. the cdc says the flu could last at least five more weeks. >> the flu season could last several more weeks. what we've seen in the past five years is an average of 16 weeks of elevated influenza activity and we're only at week 11 right now. in severe seasons in the past, over 700,000 people have been hospitalized and 56,000 people died from influenza. we may be on track to reach or even exceed those records.
10:56 am
>> reporter: and leland, the flu is responsible for at least one in 10 american deaths last week. experts are trying to figure out why the season has been so bad. the flu is long-lasting and is putting more people in the hospital than norma. normal. the most susceptible to death those over 65 and children under 4 years old. so far, 53 children have died of flu this year. >> leland: brian, this year. eboni, great show, great being with you. i guess we'll do it again tomorrow, 1:00 p.m. eastern. your first show in washington is always something special. >> eboni: very special. we get to do it again to tomorr. >> leland: news continues from new york. way♪ copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains
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♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers. any burger just $7.99. now that's eatin good in the neighborhood. kelly: president trump not to release the democrat countermemo alleged abuse surveillance powers at the fbi. the white house refuse to go release a rebuttal crafted by adam schiff, hello, everyone, i'm kelly wright. >> and julie banderas. must do taken out before the document can be made public. molly is live from the white house with more. all right, molly, so what next? >> hi, julie, hi, kelly, president trump telling democrats today that the memo was written in such a way that would force the white


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